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Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision is to help inspire school leadership to become transformational change agents.


Our purpose is to help school leadership rethink, reignite, and refocus school systems to provide the optimal learning experience for all students to succeed in our everchanging world.


We partner with K-12 and university leaders to provide professional and leadership development, personalized coaching, and school turnaround support, along with continuous improvement by creating the conditions for change.

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Baiza and Associates Consulting is a diverse team of education consultants that partners with school districts and school corporations across the country to provide professional development services that include leadership and executive coaching, curriculum development, program assessments, and training sessions on leadership development in the areas of turnaround, talent management, instructional infrastructure, and support and accountability. We offer training in change management, strategic design, and coaching for aspiring and current leaders.  The team is able to provide tailored support services and professional development based on a district’s needs.  Our services include executive coaching, management consulting, leadership development, school transformation/turnaround, and contract teaching in business acumen. We work with teams as strategists, thought partners, facilitators, developers, reviewers, and coaches to create organizational efficiency, stakeholder achievement, and client success by creating the conditions for sustainable change.


We have 2 principle team leaders, Melinda Baiza and Lorna Klokkenga, who have served as individual national consultants for more than 10 years. We have a combined 50 years of experience in working at school and district levels. Our deep knowledge of the practical implementation of school practices as educators allows us to support leaders in reflective inquiry, systems alignment, and transformation efforts at all the important levels of schoolwork. 

The Baiza Team

Pictured left to right 
Chris Castro, Melinda Baiza, Lorna Klokkenga

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“Melinda always pushes me to think beyond the impact I think I can have, to the impact that she knows I can have. ” 

Lacie McKenzie

Assistant Principal

Howe Community High School


Our Clients- Past and Present
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